Executive Secretary Mission to Washington DC to Promote the Activities of the Center

CVE Admin - Thu , 12 Oct, 2017

The IGAD Executive Secretary, Amb. Mahboub Maalim and the Director of ICEPCVE Dr Simon Nyambura held a series of meetings with key Department of State officials in DC, among them: Mr. Eric Stromayer, the Deputy Assistant Secretary Bureau of African Affairs; Dr. Raffi Gregorian, the Deputy Coordinator Bureau of Counterterrorism; Mr. Neal Kringel, Deputy Assistant Secretary Bureau of Conflict &Stabilization Operations; and Ms. Manju Sadarangani, Deputy Coordinator Global Engagement Center. The Executive Secretary updated the US officials on the progress that the Center has achieved in the last twelve months since the Center was officially established. The State Department Officials expressed their satisfaction with the significant achievements that have been registered in the implementation of the Center's activities since its establishment. The US Government reaffirmed the commitment  to continue to support the Center.

During the visit, the Executive Secretary gave a public lecture at Howard University that was attended by P/CVE students, scholars, researchers, and policy makers.