About us

Officially inaugurated in April 2018, The IGAD Centre of Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (ICEPCVE), the premier P/CVE institution on the African continent, was established to promote the sharing of good practices and lessons learnt from initiatives to prevent and counter violent extremism in the East and Horn of Africa region and to bring together state and non-state actors involved in P/CVE work to ensure an inclusive and holistic approach

ICEPCVE has four key units

Provides a dedicated platform to facilitate focused discussion and collaboration and coordination among national and local actors, civil society, researchers and community leaders involved in P/CVE work.

CSO and Community Outreach

Focuses on catalyzing more research to gain a deeper understanding of the localized drivers of violent extremism and developing new ways to effectively counter it.

Research and Innovation

Oversees implementation of training programmes designed to enable beneficiaries produce compelling counter messages and alternative narratives and apply effective dissemination strategies to discredit fake news, propaganda and mis/disinformation employed by violent extremist organizations.

Strategic Communication

Conducts collaborative and contextualized training and builds practical tools to enhance the capacities of state and non-state actors to design and implement effective policies, programs and projects in P/CVE.

Capacity Building