Our Vision

An established and fully functioning P/CVE Centre of Excellence contributing to a significant reduction in violent extremism across the region. 

Our Mission

  • To bring together State and non-State actors involved in preventing and countering violent extremism to develop  and implement coherent strategies to build resilience against violent extremism in the Horn and Eastern Africa. 
  • And to strengthen coordination, cooperation and collaboration between IGAD member States, Tanzania and non-State actors involved in P/CVE. Crucially this will include harnessing the grassroots knowledge of local communities and involving them as active participants.

Our Mandate

  • To Facilitate the building of partnerships between governments, NGOs and sub-national actors;
  • Capture the numerous locally-led efforts to build resilience against violent extremism across the region;
  • Provide technical assistance to national governments;
  • Deliver P/CVE training and other activities by partner organizations to develop broader expertise and practice.
  • Map the current research being undertaken in the region, conduct research gap analysis and commission   research based on the findings.